Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Why I will probably never knit another pair of socks....

because now I know how to crochet them!!

This is my first ever pair of crocheted socks, so obviously they are not perfect. (in fact they don't actually even match, but I know what I'm doing with them now)

I got the instructions from here.

How are they better than knitted? They are quicker, easier and I am alot less likely to poke myself in the eye than when I am using dpns.

The yarn is really cheap pink sparkly stuff, a bit tacky I suppose, but I like it, it's fun and you can get away with that for socks.


  1. Lovely snuggly looking socks :-)

  2. They are really cute. I have never tried crocheting socks. Do they stretch well?

  3. Oh my word, your talents are endless Joanne. Really cool socks.:o)

  4. Joanne... Pardon me *wink*, but I resent the slander against knitted socks! :) No, but really, your crocheted socks are wonderful. And I imagine they are much quicker, too!

  5. they look great Joanne. now there's an interesting idea...LOL

  6. Fantastic Joanne.... I always have knitted slippers.. I don't knit them myself as I don't have a pattern..A lady in Rotterdam who is 98 knitts them for me !!!!
    I have just picked up a crochet hook for the first time ever and started a scarf. I am doing around the hook twice and going through two and I am getting a nice long stitch..
    Your slippers look very good.. WELL DONE YOU..
    Sharon xx

  7. wow - they look amazing Joanne - you may start a business soon!!!

  8. Cosy toes...they look you do them in a size 4 please??? LOL

  9. *sigh*

    you clever clogs. Love them.


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