Monday, March 01, 2010

forever friends and some more knitting

This week at the forever friends challenge we have a photo inspiration.

The photo reminded me of this yarn which I still hads loads left off, so I used it to finish a tag.

Of course, that didn't use much up, but I had a cunning plan....
I have made 3 more skinny scarves to sell at the mothers day secrets room at my son's school.

and that's it! all the yarn has finally gone, but I did pick up 3 large balls of sparkly pink wool the other day, so the story starts all over again...


  1. those are such little handycraft pieces that make the sun shine in my

  2. The bear tag is too cute! Your skinny scarves are lovely!

  3. you have been a busy bee again Joanne !

    fab creations - love the wool and the scarfs - what a fab idea for school .

  4. These are great Joanne - love the colour of the yarn - pastels are the new seasons colours too

  5. Cute tag. Love the scarves that wool is gorgeous!

  6. Lol, you've been busy, Joanne - want some more yarn????


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