Sunday, July 25, 2010

Climbing Wall Cake and some nail art.

A bit of an interesting combination you might think, but I thought it might be a good idea to put my non-stamping items all in one post.
My son is having a climbing wall party today and I promised him that I would "try" to make him a climbing wall cake...
it was going to have a person on it as well, but my roll out icing was just too soft and looked awful, so I decided to just go for the wall.
In case you are interested in making one for yourself (?!?)
I used 3 madeira slices from Asda, and stacked them end on with buttercream and jam in between, I used a packet of asda ready to roll white icing, added some black food colouring, then kneaded it until I had a rock like pattern. then I rolled it out into a random shape. and dumped it onto the cake (which I had painted with warmed apricot jam). I then just made it fit. I wanted it random to look like rocks. I made some more rocks from ready to roll icing (I had to open a second pack) for the candles, and decorated with Skittles, tutti-fruttis and strawberry laces.
This is the first fondant decorated cake I have made since leaving school and I'm quite pleased with it.

now on to the nail art. I recently bought myself a konad nail stamping set and a couple of extra plates, and I can't stop playing. these are a couple of my recent attempts. (My nails are really short as I have to wear them that way for work (and I am not allowed to wear nail varnish to work so I get to re-do my nails twice a week!!)


  1. Wow, Thats some cake! So creative and beautiful nails to.
    A friend of mine is a nail tech and asked me to do hers for a nail convention she was attending. I did all her nails with things from I Love Lucy. I had to use a huge magnifing lens to be able to see it. It was preety cool but don't ever want to do them again!

  2. Fabulous cake!!! I'm sure they'll all demolish that one in no time at all lol!

    Your nail art is scrumptious! The black and white is very striking and I just love the pink, glitter and flowers...

    Lesley x

  3. Brilliant cake, all grey and gooey, they'll love it, it certainly made me smile, reminds me of my attempts to make a racing car cake for my son. He loved it, I think!!!
    Great nails :) xx

  4. Your fantastic cake brought back lots of lovely memories when my lads were young and I had to produce all manner of cakes. Not now though they're 18 & 24 more interested in the pub!
    Stunning nails I'm in awe.

  5. Spectacular cake and I am sure it will be a huge hit at your son's "climbing wall party." Awesome nail art! My nails are terrible and I should keep polish on them.

  6. what a great themed cake and hope he had a lovely party and I like the nails..foxy!

  7. Wow Joanne, what a fabulous and unusual cake. Love the nails too, how pretty
    hugs June xxx

  8. Ooh I bet they loved that cake Joanne. Looks like you are getting hooked on nail art, so no messy inking and gluing for you then.......... Annette x

  9. your sons are very fortunate to have such a clever and talented mum who can turn her hand to anything....fab cake!
    And the nails look amazing!

  10. The cake is just inspired! What a fabulous idea!


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