Saturday, July 10, 2010

basic nail art

a slight deviation from my normal blogging, but I just wanted to share my latest "thing".
I recently had a lovely pedicure, where I had some gems put on my toenails, and as a crafter the whole time I was thinking, "I could do that!" , especially when I was charged 20p per gem, and I had 18!!
So I immediately ordered some gems and started playing.
I was browsing various sites today looking for more ideas of ways to position the gems, when I hit upon the most useful information about painting designs on nails. Use acrylic paint! on top of your nail varnish of course.
I am never short of acrylic paint so I immediately had to play. This very simple design is simply six dots of acrylic paint applied with a fine brush and one gem in the centre (attached with a small amount of top coat). The whole thing is then protected with a top coat.
The main nail varnish is just a cheap rimmel one.


  1. coooooooooool! great idea Joanne.

  2. cool Joanne... lol I can just imagine you sitting getting your toes done and thinking how easily you could do it... the acrylic dots with top coat look shiny anyway so why waste gems.. it was a good idea.. I would be useless at trying to do my right hand using my left.

  3. Fabbylicious Joanne....and... have you got any of that foily stuff...only, I have got it on my nails on more than one occasion and I bet it would look great if it was designed proply :O)) x

  4. Lovely! I can't keep polish on my nails, it just chips right off! Now my nails are colored with inks and alcohol! Ha!

  5. You are more bonkers than me and thats saying something. There was me thinking you were Annette x

  6. That's really pretty. I have a friend who does nail art - she paints amazing designs on peoples toes lol!

  7. wow, clever and frugal!

  8. I'll have to show my daughter this. She pays a fortune every month for nail art.

  9. I love your nail art Joanne!

    I just want to say that you could really bring your designs to life with some cracked ice or crushed shells.

    You should check out Jacava or something!

    Heres the link:

    Jacava Nail Art


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