Monday, August 25, 2014

wacky stripes baby jumper and hat

 I decided to have a play about with some fun colours and made this cute little baby set for a little baby that is due any day now.

The jumper is based on my favourite pattern  (Teddy yarns 717) that I use all of the time.

 It has buttons on the back, so the neck goes over the head easily.

My favourite bit is the single green stripe, it really lifts the colour scheme.

The hat is really simple. I knit it on straight needles as I felt that joining up stripes was less hassle than trying to knit jogless stripes.
The yarn is a cheap dk yarn. I cast on 70 stitches (3.25mm needles0, 2x2 rib for six rows, switch to 4mm needles, until hat is 3.75inches. then a simple decrease.
row 1 k4 k2tog accross
row 2 purl
row 3 k3 k2tog accross
row 4 purl
row 5 k2 k2tog accross
row 6 purl
row 7 k1 k2tog accross
row 8 purl
row 9 k2tog accross
row 10 p2tog accross
pull up remaining stitches.

sew up seam, add a pompom and it's done.

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