Saturday, February 02, 2008


I had a finishing of projects day yesterday. I have a dreadful habit of nearly finishing projects. so I was determined.

first of all I wanted to finish this bag

I was alright apart from the lining. I hadn't a clue what I was doing but I got there in the end

what's that in there? it's not another project is it?

I then finished a tiny little baby jumper for my sister's baby that's due in june

which I had already made socks to match (two needle socks from a debbie bliss book- really easy!!)

and then I finished my prototype for a phone sock for the mothers day secrets room at my son's school.

so what now? well what was that in the bag. well my friend and I found this fabulous ball of wool. in my local wool shop.

it's gorgeous, almost a shame to use as it's like a cushion. that's a 200g ball! (for £3.50!!!)
here's a close up

and here's what it knits up like

and of course while I was at the wool shop that wasn't all I got.

The pink one is the phone sock yarn, and the denimy one is to make something else for my sister's baby.
here's a close up of those ones too

you can wake up now!!! I've finished the post!! boy that was a long one!!


  1. All fantastic projects Joanne - the bag is brill! I love the little flower on the phone sock!!!
    Like I've told you you've got me knitting again!! x

  2. Great stuff Joanne and what a faberoony bag!

  3. fantastic bag joanne... and that phone sock how cute!

  4. Don't know where to start! Love the chunky marble wool. The mobile phone cover is fab! The baby stuff is awwwwwwww ;-) and the bag is soooo funky! Where do you get the time?????

  5. Love the bag Joanne, hope you will use it now after all your efforts. The baby jumper is very trendy - you should make your own label now to endorse it. As for the phone sock - very cute. Great work and lots more to come by the look of it.

  6. the bag is FAB!! love that a lot, would be gorgeous in black with feathers at the top and silk i wish i could knit.. and the little jumper is just sooooo cute. great post Joanne, love the big ball of wool, I wouldn't use that either.

  7. Loving the bag Joanne, really girlie too :) the marble wool is just gorgeous, love the spectrum of colour :)

  8. The finished projects are all great, but I love the bag.

  9. love the bag Joanne and the baby stuff aaawwwww... gorgeous!

  10. Ooh, lovely yarn and goodies there, Joanne.

    The bag is fab and I love the phone sock too - especially the pretty flower.


  11. You are so talented. I love everything you make and it is always fun to see your knitting projects. Love the baby stuff and the phone sock is too cool. And that bag is gorgeous. Love the bright beautiful colors to it :o)

  12. Wow!! What a very talented knitter you are!! What beautiful projects! I am jealous! I so want to learn how!

  13. Your so talented in so many ways! Just layer after layer of creativeness just waiting to burst out! Fab funky bag and I am sure your sister will be blown away with the absolutely darling sweater and sockies. The phone cover is really nice, I would not of thought to make one but how handy that would be!


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