Friday, February 01, 2008

February's inchie swap

And the theme is....

Spring With a Twist

a 45 degree twist that is.
basically I want you to turn your inchies so the are "on the diagonal" .
with me so far?

then just do a spring theme. you can be as open with the theme as you like. Go with the colours, or flowers or anything you like that reminds you of spring (and I do mean the season, not the thing zebedee boings about on)

The reason I chose to do this like that was because I was inspired to make a card using inchies. I made this VERY simple quick card, which I think works because of the diagonal inchies.

N.B. I am not asking you to make a card, this was for demonstration purposes only.
The rules are the same as always
1) Make 9 inchies, send 8 of them to me.
2) If you are in the UK enclose a SAE with a LARGE stamp.
3) if you are out of the UK, send me a small gift, or an ATC and I will cover the postage. please also send an envelope with your address on.
4) They can all be the same, or all different, whatever!!
5) they can be any media you like as long as they are 1" square.
6) there are no rules how to make them or finish them.
7) you do not need to mount them (just make sure they won't fall out of the envelope)
8) the swap is open to anyone, even if you have never made inchies before.
9) put your name on the back of each inchie
10) let me know by email, or by commenting on this thread, that you have posted your inchies, and then I will know to expect them.

closing date 29th february

if you need my address, please email me through my profile

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  1. hard one for me, i'm not a spring person (shocker) but I'm in!! love your card, it's simple but very effective. great sample as ever.


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