Friday, May 09, 2008

April's inchie swap

Here is a sample of one inchie from each person who took part in the April inchie swap, which had the theme children. Aren't they great. I have been waiting for a last few to arrive before I sorted them. I hope that's all that's coming now as I'm sorting them now ready for posting.

made by
Deb Freeman, Louise Granlund, Fiona Whitehead
Carol Plume, Roberta Gill, Kana Conger
Danielle D'onofrio, Liliane Gfeller, Jenny Davies
Valerie Myers, Jo Capper-Sandon, Paula Atkinson
Audrey Barret, Me, Laura Kirste Campbell
Carolyn Reed, Linda Freeman, Michelle Cummings


  1. these look fantastic all together, I'm sorry mind haven't made it in time, I did post in plenty of time. :(
    if they come now maybe they will fit some other
    thanks for hosting as always Joanne. :)

  2. They look amazing! What an awesome collection.

  3. It's just amazing what can be captured in an inch!! They are all so creative.

  4. I agree, it is amazing what beauty can fir on an inch, but I guess the postal service has been doing it forever. So happy to be part of the big talent it takes to make this tiny art! Valerie

  5. They look great altogether! They are amazing in real life too! :o) I'm so pleased I took part in this one. xx

  6. Don't they look fab - and they look even better in real life - they could all be included in this week's inchy challenge which is faces!

  7. Joanne - got mine (a couple of days ago - sorry been meaning to post) and they are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks once again Joanne ;-)

  8. I didn't know you posted wonderful they are!!Thank you for hosting this great swap Joanne. I love my Children Inchies!

  9. I'll have mine posted tomorrow, Monday June 2, 2008!


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