Sunday, May 18, 2008

TGIF paper rests

The theme ar TGIF is paper rests,
not a phrase I am familiar with, but on reading I assume it means the same as paper scraps.
I made this christmas hanging skinny! I don't normally think about christmas this early but I recently got this little girl (Rachel) from Inka, all wrapped up nice and warm, which seemed to go so well with the "let it snow" phrase I already had.
one of my favourite ways of using scraps of paper is paper piecing, i.e stamping onto scraps and joining the bits up, and that's how I did this outfit. Even the white was scraps from the back of a card that had gone wrong. Even the blue paper was a leftover just the right size.
I have made this "skinny" size, and added a ribbon so it can hang.


  1. Oh Joanne this is gorgeous.
    Amazing little card.
    Love them.

    Thanks for participating TGiF again.

  2. Great use of scraps Joanne, this little girl is gorgeous all wrapped up , thanks for joining in this weeks theme at TGIF.


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