Sunday, May 25, 2008

Innovative stamp creations

(I've added a better picture)

Innovative stamp creations have started a new challenge. This week is a colour challenge as can be seen in the ISC link.

All pieces for this challenge must use just ISC stamps. As I have a few of these I thought I'd have a go.
I really enjoyed working to a colour theme as I could start by just gathering bits together and taking it from there.
I did the background by gluing two background papers together, but not applying glue all over, and then when it was dry ripping away the top layer where there was no glue to reveal the paper underneath.

I apologise for the quality of the image, but I have had to scan it as my husband has taken my, sorry, his camera off to wembley!!


  1. Well how typical taking the camera lol anyone would think it was his...oh yeah, it IS!

    This is fabulous and fresh Joanne. The background is a very effective it.

  2. Love the layering and beautiful color pallet too!


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