Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What is it with pens?

It seems like everytime I go to the supermarket I buy a packet of ballpoint pens, yet when I need them they've all disappeared!!

So I thought I'd make a pen jar, using one of the new minis from Paperartsy. I also thought this would make a nice "back to school" project so made it in colours that my son, who is just about to start secondary school, might like.

I've stayed with the stationery theme and used ordinary lined paper, a letter stencil (although the smaller letters are a PaperArtsy stamp). I have also embellished with blue staples from a fab little stapler kit that Jo bought me from Tesco.

I love using Jars, as I often think they are too nice to throw out. I recycle my glass, of course, but I prefer to "upcycle"


  1. We're the same with pens.lol Good idea to decorate your containers.

    Glad the stapler came in handy too :0)

  2. you always come up with fab upcycling ideas....might have to nab this idea myself.

  3. Brilliant idea, Joanne.

    Know what you mean about the disappearing pen syndrome! lol

  4. you know I love glass jars! (And we're in the same boat... always searching for a pen, no matter how many we may have hiding in our house!). Love the pen jar!

  5. fab idea Joanne, I'm the same with pens although my girls would like me to think there's a pen fairy who steals them all when we're asleep lol.


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