Tuesday, August 04, 2009

craft stamper

The next issue of Craft Stamper is out on friday and I have made a little box for storing the freebie stamps that come with the mag, which is featured in the readers section.
All the measurements and instructions are in the mag.
I'm really pleased that it's inspired a couple of people as there are all ready a couple of these boxes featured on blogs:
Chicken Licken
If any one else makes one, I'd love to see it.


  1. This is a genius idea! I don't get that magazine, but I'd probably be wondering how to store those free stamps if I did! Great solution, Joanne. :)

  2. I received my copy last week and it looks fantastic. I can see this idea being a very popular make!

  3. I can't wait to get the new issue - at the moment all my free stamps are stored in a childs shoebox. I will have a go at this & will let you know when I've blogged it!

    Brilliant idea as always!

  4. What a brilliant idea - really want to make some for myself!!!


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