Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PaperArtsy Grungeflower #1 die and the x-cut impress

When I ordered the largest of the grunge flower dies, I had my doubts that it would fit through my little x-cut impress, but I went ahead an ordered it on the principle that one day I will have to order a bigger machine.

but today is not that day!!!

when I tried the die in the machine it was actually physically too big to even fit in the opening....darn!

but then I decided that I would not be beaten, it was so close to fitting that there must be a way.

so.... I found my trusty tin snips (why do I own tin snips? well, put it this way, it's not the first time I bought a die that wouldn't fit)

so now it was slimmer it fit through the opening, but was still fractionally too large for the plates.

I did consider try to make bigger plates, but then I hit on a much simpler idea, just run it through twice.

place the die with the edge up to one edge of the plate, run it through,

then slide it across to the other edge and run it through again.

and Voila! it works perfectly.

Now I have to decide what I'm going to create with it!!


  1. He he he, inventive as ever Joanne, brilliant, glad to see you're still having fun :D xxx

  2. Definitely thinkingi outside the box, m'dear - love it! Needs must when the devil drives and all that, lol. Well done!

  3. oh my goodness Joanne what a load of effort. For goodness sake buy yourself a Cuttlebug or similar. I'll organise a whip round if your desperate.........lol Annette x

  4. You give new meaning to being clever!!! I have to agree with Netty, go treat yourself!

  5. Well dome Joanne, you obviously won't be beaten. You've reminded me to put these on my evergrowing wishlist!

    Have you seen the flowers made with them in this month's Craft Stamper?

  6. You had me laughing...fun post!
    Cynthia Schelzig

  7. You great numpty! Get a big shot! LOL Glad you didn't 'slip' with those tin snips and cut the die blade...chuckling over this...Leandra


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