Monday, August 23, 2010

PaperArtsy hair accessory

I keep seeing people with lovely flower hair accessories, and thinking, surely I could make one of those..
And then I was looking at the PaperArtsy Grungeflower dies and some white felt that I had bought for an unrelated project, and this hair accessory just sort of happened.
The dies cut the felt really neatly, although I did have to add a shim.
The middle layer is ribbon gathered along one edge, and all the layers are sewn together then attached to the clip using hot glue.


  1. Cool idea & more fun to make than to go out & buy something which will probably be the same as everyone else is wearing at heavens knows the price. I think you might just have set a new trend.

  2. what a neat idea.

  3. Very pretty! I just love your little craft project. Well, making your own hair accessory? That's a nice idea. Great job! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Very cute - it has a vintage feel to it!


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