Sunday, October 09, 2011

A "Stella" Hallowe'en

In previous posts I have used Stella Sitting on various props, and have used masking to achieve this. I know that a lot of people find masking a bit too "faffy", so for this card I used the simpler "cutting out" method!!
I just stamped Stella, the broom and hat, onto white card coloured with pencils and cut them out.
I made the moon background by cutting out a circle mask (by drawing around the inside of a roll of sellotape), then applied black soot and pumice stone distress inks with a cotton wool ball. I
removed the maks, applied a litle more pumice stone ink, for clouds. I stamped happy (from Happy unbirthday) and old english Hallowe'en. I glued Stella and her accessories in place.
All of the Stamps are from Jo Capper-Sandon's range from Stampotique Originals.


  1. Masking is so much more fun, but this is the easy way and I use it myself now and then - especially when the background is pretty complex. Love the design - it's beautiful and the stamps are wonderful - gonna have to get me some of those Jo stamps, aren't I????? Temptress!

  2. Love your moon background too, it's fab !!

  3. What a Halloween beauty, Joanne!


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