Thursday, October 06, 2011

knitted hat with crochet mistletoe

or a christmas "kiss me quick" hat.

I found a pattern for crochet mistletoe in a book and made a few (although I changed the pattern slightly from the book) I decided that it would be cool to put it on a hat, so I knitted a simple hat in white sparkly yarn and sewed on the mistletoe. I added a couple of faux pearls from a cheap bracelet for the berries.


  1. I really love this. You must have a hat for every day of the year!! The twinkle in the yarn is a perfect touch for this winter mistletoe.

  2. You are absolutely brilliant Joanne - is there no end to your talents. This is just brilliant.

    Tell me that you are rubbish at something - it will make me feel less useless. LOL

    Do you cook brillaintly, grow every vegetable known to man successfully, have a weed free garden?

    The must be something. I had my nails done a week or two ago, which is a rare treat, and as I was sat in the chair whilst they were being painted - I thought of your nail art posts!

  3. Joanne, this is so cute--what a great touch, and I almost think even I could do this . . .


  4. Nice 'kissy, kissy' hat !! lol

  5. Love it, Joanne - simple but pretty and seasonal x


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