Saturday, October 11, 2008

tea towel tote ten!

numbers 8 and 9 didn't get photographed as they got whisked straight off to their new homes, but I have just made this one today for my youngest son to pack his things in for a sleepover.
I think this is my favourite, I couldn't resist these tea towels from morrisons, the cats are so cute.


  1. Brilliant- perfect for Alex and his sleepover bits and bobs.

    Mine is nearly worn out already lol...its been here, there and everywhere and I've received lots of admiration over it. Thanks again it xx

  2. Love it Joanne, what fab tea towels, even better as a tote though, I'll bet Alex is over the moon with it.

  3. Ha ha - great minds .... I bought those exact same t's at Morrisons but haven't made it up yet. I'm falling way behind in the ttt stakes!

    It looks brill and has given me the kick up the backside I need, thanks for that.


    ps. did you put the yellow kitty one inside? I thought of doing that then saving the other white one for another bag, but he'd be upside down ....

  4. Brilliant for a sleepover bag, great idea.


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