Sunday, October 19, 2008


The papergirls blog recently held an "altered envelope" competition, I didn't win, which is no surprise when you see the amazing entries. I decided to alter mine completely and turn the envelope into a gift bag (or a bagelope) and then, to be different, decorate the sealed side, so you can tell it's an envelope. The other rule was to use a picture from a magazine or newspaper, I used this picture of a hand holding an egg from an Audi advert. The egg and torn stamp (across the top) are by Inka and the letters are a studio g set.


  1. I liked it when it was an envelope and voted for it. But it acquired new life as a bag.

  2. brilliant Joanne! what a clever idea.

  3. Fab idea Joanne - love the whole concept and design.

  4. Oh, I definitely think this should have won! (So I haven't seen the others, but this is fab!)

    Thanks for the link to that GORGEOUS cupcake site - it inspired me to make something cupcakey! (I'll see if I can mail you a picture, as I can't put it on my blog)



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