Sunday, December 05, 2010

OLW: back to basics

This week at One Layer Wednesday the challenge is to show what originally hooked you into stamping. I took a while to really "get" stamping. I used it, but didn't see the big attraction. One of the things that really sucked me in was script stamps, once I tried these there was no turning back. And of course I didn't just stop at one. I have loads of script stamps now and I still think there's room for more in my collection.
The first one I had was on a non-sequiteur plate, in fact I'm sure I'll be able to find something on my blog using it.

hang on... I'll be right back....

ah yes here and here

The one I've used today is one of the most recent ones I acquired, and is from the Frantic Stamper's own range of french inspired stamps, as is the Christmas tree. These are another bulk make. As they are so quick (ink stamp ink stamp done) I've rustled up about 25 in no time at all.
I apologise for the picture, it's too dark to do photos so I've scanned it.


  1. Love this card, Joanne. I also have many script stamps. There's just something about them...

    I had a look at the cards on your links too and they are fab, especially the one for Louise.

  2. this is a lovely stamp.sometimes less is definately more.
    i just seemed to ease into stamping gradually and i find i am stamping more and more, there are so many and you can even design your own

  3. Hi Joanne, yes I really identify with your passion for script stamps, have to admit to owning a few. Love your earlier examples and this card is wonderful as well. Have to admit I was taken in by gold embossing changing in front of my eyes, that was just the best but every new technique gets me fascinated it's a bit of a worry LOL :0) xx

  4. Joanne - this is so subtle and elegant. Just beautiful!! I have a few script stamps, but don't get them out often enough.

  5. You mean you have more than one script stamp Joanne....well thats richness for you........
    I love your card, the stamp with the gold embossing looks really smashing. Annette x

  6. This is beautiful Joanne! I can't resist script stamps either! Jo x

  7. Simple in design but great result. I also use script stamps a lot, particularly those from Hero Arts.

  8. I've arrived at your blog via another blogger's recommendation, and I really love your style and will become a follower so that I can check in often for inspiration and eye candy. I'm a keen CAS cardmaker too. Love simplicity and elegance. Will be back ...!
    Tilly (New Zealand)

  9. This is a lovely card, love the embossing. It is subtle but very elegant.


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