Saturday, March 17, 2007

G is for.......

well I thought and thought about this one. I was going to do glamour, right from the start, then I decided I liked G is for girl and I was going to use a pretty vintage picture of a little girl, then I thought I'd done that with the tag book and wanted something "different" so in the bath I was mulling over the girl theme when I started humming "just a girl" by no doubt (humming because I can't sing) which gave me the title, so then I wanted to show what just a girl could do. originally I thought of the women working in the factories during the war, then this idea came to me.

our world can be changed by "just a girl"

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  1. fab ATC....great idea/thought behind it.

  2. Love it too Joanne...a good colour for the theme.

  3. Great ATc dear, love it. ;)

  4. Good for people to know.


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