Tuesday, June 02, 2009

never throw anything away....

My friend recently bought a necklace from ebay and although she really liked it it was longer than she really wanted, so I said I could shorten it for her.
This is the shortened necklcace.

Which left me with 16 of these lovely red beads. I couldn't just leave them like that, so I had a rummage through my stash and found some seed beads from an old project and a clasp from an old broken necklace, and I made a whole new necklace for her.

and here's a lovely picture from my holiday in scotland. That rainbow was one of the brightest I have ever seen.


  1. ooooo scotland is beautiful!! very bright rainbow too, great pic.
    both sets of beads are gorgeous, but I do love the bottom one, the mix of beads and chain is fab.
    you can clearly turn your hand to anything! I'm sure your friend will love both of them.

  2. Two for the price of one! Great job Joanne.:)

    Love the photo of the rainbow. Hope you didn't have too much rain to go with it.

  3. Goodness, a holiday in Scotland. How fabulous! I love the re-furbished necklace. You know I'm always in favor of saving things and reusing them! Good job!

  4. wow two for the price of one! hope you had a good holiday, the photo is gorgeous.

  5. ooooooo that photo of your holiday place is like a magical picture postcard. How gorgeous!!
    And a fab idea rebuilding and recycling with the beads. I bet your friend was really suprised!! Nice one, brains!

  6. what a gorgeous picture! that rainbow is beautiful!! I too saw the brightest rainbow I had ever seen the other evening. My parents were amazed too. And it was huge!! Canadian size, everything is big here esp. the mosquitoes at the moment LOL

  7. Beautiful photo of Scotland.

    Great job with the necklace.


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