Friday, June 05, 2009

my mug cosies at baa ram ewe

I visited my new local yarn shop today to see the mug cosies that I made on display. it was lovely to see them, and it's an absolutely gorgeous shop.
If you are looking for the free pattern, you can find it here.
If you get the chance to visit baa ram ewe in Headingly Leeds, then you really should. The yarns are scrummy and Verity, who runs the shop, is lovely.


  1. I hope they sell really well for you ,your photo makes me wonder what else is on the shelf :-D Juliet

  2. awwww, they're cool Joanne. really lovely. the photo makes me want to see more of the shop too!

  3. They look fab! Bet they make a mug of tea extra cosy,especially when it's cold and rainy like today

  4. they are so sweet and look fantastic on display

  5. Mine still works well!!
    Dont they look classy with the tags on! oooooo bet you were riiight chuffed!

  6. Good for you! Those are so lovely! I love your pattern! I think I remember that your mug cozy pattern is how I found you in the first place. What an honor to have your stuff at the yarn shop!

  7. lol, I see the knitting is still going LOL. those are soo cute!
    hope you are well, thanks for your comment on my blog
    hugs ,

  8. They're fab Joanne and it must be so cool to see them in the shop too!


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