Saturday, February 10, 2007

another inchie and a jinxed card

I'm organising an inchie swap, this time with the theme "beauty"
I decided very quickly I wanted to use this art by moonlight stamp I've just acquired. but I really wanted to add the word "beauty" I had considered doing on the computer, but that seemed soulless somehow.
then as I was lying one the sofa flicking through the new stampers' sampler I found my answer. on page 68 a card by sharon schuman using some paper artsy nudes, including "a real beauty" and the beauty wording is the perfect size, and yes I have that stamp!!!. so here's the resulting inchie
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while I am on the subject of the paper artsy nudes, these are some of the first stamps, certainly the first unmounted ones, that I ever bought.
at that time (well over a year ago) I was on the practical publishing forum, and there had been some hoo-ha about a competition the magazine had run for designer of the year, so the forum decided to hold it's own designer of the year competition. so armed with my brand new stamps I came up with this
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unfortunately shortly after making it the forum suddenly closed down, and the competition never happened.

I was very proud of that card, so I took the bull by the horns and emailed it to the editor of the then new magazine "simply stamping" The editor said she would use it and I sent it off to her. I waited and waited and it never appeared in the mag, nor was it ever returned. the magazine subsequently changed editorship, and has a new style completely, so I doubt it will ever be published now. I've never chased up it's return, but then I don't think I should have to.

anyway, I'm wondering if somehow the card is jinxed. you watch! blogger will stop working tonight, and it will all be my fault!!!!!


  1. Joanne...your blog isn't working could you please email me, lol...just kidding. I can't find an email address for you so i will ramble on with the comment :o) Love your inchie. I tried to make two of them and gave up........never again :o) And guess what, i have shared emails with Sharon Schuman and I have to tell her that her card inspired you with the 'beauty' word. I'm sure she will love that. Your paper artsy card is fabulous.

    p.s. your posts always have some humor in them and they make me laugh but it's usually true what you are saying which makes it even more funnier.

    p.p.s. told you i would ramble on since i couldn't find your email address. oh, and if our buddy Jo is reading this I am sure she is saying 'what a loon'......joke, lol

  2. Hi dear, the inchie and the card are both gorgeous. ;) I love your style mate. ;) I would like to do another inchie swap, they are really fun to do. ;)

  3. What I really love about your blog Joanne is h wa i whi uo ens e f humo s ine thr u h ;0)

  4. I like this new inchie Joanne.

  5. both are lovely Joanne. Love that b&w one !!

  6. the inchie's are gorgeous and you've got us all addicted

    the card is lovely as well, shame you didn't get it published- i'd be chasing it up though!!


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