Saturday, February 10, 2007

another tag!!!

ah but this is a tag that is only trying to be a tag. it's actually to go on a present.
it's my sisters birthday today. and I'm taking her present when I go to see her tomorrow.
I thought she could use it as a bookmark, especially as one of her presents is a book. more likely it will go in the bin with the wrapping paper!! people just don't appreciate the effort, do they?
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  1. Great tag dear, I would use it as a bookmark for sure. Perhaps you like to swap some tags with me. Would be great. ;)

  2. I wouldn't throw it away Joanne, I think it is great. I'm with Nicole a tag swap sounds good.

  3. ~This is gorgeous Joanne - your sister is a lucky girl!

  4. Love it Joanne!The colours are great and it's so cheerful with the image and the fibers

  5. very, very nice :o)


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