Wednesday, February 14, 2007

what a nice surprise

In the post today I received an ATC that someone had sent to me because she had received an ATC from me in a magazine swap, and she liked it. so wanted to swap with me again, so sent me an ATC on the off chance I would swap with her. isn't that nice.
this is the ATC she sent me
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well I guess it's the only "surprise" valentine I'll receive!! although my husband is making my valentine tonight, with the help of my 4 year old. Of course he told me this and my first reaction was "you haven't touched my craft stuff, have you?"

hmmmm! perhaps that came accross as a tad ungrateful?

okay back to the ATC , of course how could I turn down such a lovely offer, so I made an ATC pretty much using the same technique as my first wednesday stamper valentine piece.
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I also used some punched hearts. I was looking for something to put in that bottom right hand corner, when I spotted my quite large tub of mostly neglected punches. I used to love my punches so much. I hardly use them now, but I quite like those black punched hearts on this ATC.

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