Thursday, February 08, 2007


two posts in one day! wow that's a first.
Here are the results of a recent inchie swap. the theme if you can't guess, is winter.
now considering this was the first time any of us had attempted inchies, I think we have done a remarkable job. some of us loved it and are itching to do another. some have been put of for life!
I have mounted them fairly simply, so as not to detract from them. it's a shame you can't see how sparkly they are, you almost need sunglasses to view them in real life.
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from left to right
Nicole, Sheenagh, me!!
Is, Deb, Penny
Jo, Louise, galina


  1. These inchies do look fab mounted all together, really must get my butt into gear and decide how I'm going to mount mine.

  2. They look so great together. ;)

  3. Your group did a tremendous job with these inchies. And they look so great together!


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