Saturday, February 17, 2007

just when you think it's going so well!!

I was asked to alter a jigsaw piece for a blue themed jigsaw. I had just been talking about the paper artsy nudes on here and decided they would be perfect for this. I got busy and made this
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I was really pleased with myself and smugly finishing off the ribbons when I suddenly spotted the "this way up" arrow on the back ....

....pointing the wrong way


so in the jigsaw it would look like this

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fortunately the girl it is for is very understanding!! and has taken it as it is, (but has promised me she will let me do it again, if it just looks ridiculous!!)


  1. This jigsaw looks great!!!!! Love the colors and the stamps. ;)

  2. still looks good :o)

  3. heehee....great read.....never mind mate...just get everyone to lie down with their heads on their keyboards to view it.

    Still look good .

  4. joanne the piece is lovely, i'm sure it will be fine.

    and it'll certainly stand out!!!!


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